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Concrete Cleaning & Power Washing in Mount Vernon Washington

Concrete surfaces are an integral part of many residential properties, providing durability and functionality to sidewalks, walkways, decks, pool decks, retaining walls, and driveways. However, over time, these surfaces can accumulate dirt, dust, algae, mud, debris, oil spills, mineral deposits, mold, mildew, discoloration, rust stains, and tire marks. To maintain the aesthetic appeal and safety of your property, it's important to invest in regular, professional concrete cleaning services.

Viking Softwash is a top rated power washing company based out of Mount Vernon, Washington.  We specialize in pressure washing all kinds of concrete surfaces.  Whether you'd like your driveway power washed or you need us to wash a grimy looking retaining wall or even a concrete pool deck, we can help!

Why Choose Viking Softwash for Your Concrete Cleaning Needs?

Kayla and Matt Kuehn #1.  Experience: Our team is well-versed in the techniques and methods required to safely clean your concrete surfaces around your home or business effectively and efficiently. We know how to tackle even the most stubborn stains and grime without causing damage to your concrete surface or the surrounding landscape.

#2.  Advanced Equipment: We utilize state-of-the-art pressure washing and soft washing equipment and high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning solutions specifically meant for cleaning concrete to deliver exceptional results while protecting the environment at the same time.

#3.  Customized Solutions: We understand that every concrete surface is unique, and we tailor our concrete cleaning approach to meet your specific needs and requirements. From varying levels of dirt and grime, and different types of concrete finishes such as stamped, broom finish, smooth, and more, we can clean all types of concrete surfaces.

#4.  Satisfaction Guarantee: At Viking Softwash, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind our work, and if you're not completely satisfied with the results, we'll make it right.

#5.  Competitive Pricing: We believe in providing high-quality concrete cleaning services at affordable prices, making it easy for homeowners in Mount Vernon, Washington, to keep their exterior concrete surfaces sparkling clean.

Concrete Surfaces We Can Clean

These are the difference concrete surfaces we can clean along with a little bit of helpful information for each type of service.

Sidewalks and walkways: are exposed to constant foot traffic and the elements, making them prone to dirt, dust, mud, and debris buildup. If not cleaned regularly, these surfaces can become slippery and unsafe for pedestrians. Additionally, unattended growth of mold and mildew can lead to unsightly discoloration and contribute to a hazardous walking environment.

Decks and pool decks: are outdoor living spaces that often experience heavy use, especially during warmer months. Over time, these surfaces can accumulate a variety of stains and grime, including hard water stains, mold, mildew, algae and rust stains. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain their appearance and ensure a safe, enjoyable environment for your family and guests.

Driveways: are frequently subjected to heavy use including oil and automotive fluid spills, tire or skid marks, and dirt, dust, and algae buildup. These stains not only detract from the curb appeal of your home but can also pose safety risks if left untreated, for example, an algae covered driveway is very slippery when wet! Regular cleaning can help prevent surface degradation and maintain the structural integrity and appearance of your driveway.

Retaining Walls: Retaining walls are often an integral part of your landscaping.  They can surround garden beds, line your driveway, hold back a slope for your backyard patio, or surround your backyard firepit.  If your retaining walls are covered in dirt, grime, and algae they will look unsightly.  We can quickly and safely clean retaining walls made of concrete, block, or stone.

Mineral deposits and hard water stains on concrete: Can occur on any concrete surface exposed to water, such as pool decks, patios, and walkways. These stains can leave a chalky white residue that detracts from the appearance of your concrete surfaces. Professional concrete cleaning services can effectively remove these deposits, leaving your surfaces looking clean and refreshed.

Discoloration and Rust Stains: Can occur on concrete surfaces due to various factors, including exposure to the elements, water runoff, and contact with metal objects. These stains can be challenging to remove without the proper equipment and cleaning solutions. Professional concrete cleaning services can effectively address these stains, restoring the appearance of your surfaces and preventing further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Concrete Surfaces

We love answering questions from our customers.  If you have a question about cleaning your concrete surfaces, hopefully you'll find the answer here!  If not, let us know by giving us a call or filling out our estimate request form and we'll be sure to answer you quickly.

The frequency of power washing your concrete surfaces depends on the level of dirt and grime buildup and your personal preference. Generally, it is recommended to power wash concrete surfaces every 1-2 years to maintain a clean and appealing appearance.  If you live in a very dusty area or your concrete surfaces are surrounded by trees, shrubs, or gardens, you may find the organic debris builds up quickly, which contributes to algae growth and mold and mildew.

If done correctly and by a professional, power washing is generally safe for your concrete surfaces. However, using too much pressure or using the wrong nozzle can potentially damage the concrete, causing pitting or chipping.  If there are areas of your concrete that are already cracked, or breaking, or otherwise damaged, then careful attention to these areas can prevent further damage.

Power washing alone may not remove oil stains from concrete surfaces. Pre-treatment with a degreaser or oil stain remover is often necessary before power washing to break down and lift the oil stains.  In some cases the stains are too old or have penetrated too deep into the concrete to be cleaned.  We can never guarantee complete and total removal of oil stains but we can often reduce the severity of their unsightly appearance.

Yes, you can power wash concrete surfaces that have been painted or sealed. However, it is essential to use a lower pressure setting and a wider spray pattern or a proper concrete surface cleaner to avoid damaging the paint or sealant. We will always test in an inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire surface.

While it is possible to power wash concrete surfaces yourself, hiring a professional ensures the job is done correctly and safely. Professionals like Viking Softwash have the experience and equipment necessary to clean your concrete surfaces without causing damage. 

The typical residential power washing system that a homeowner can buy doesn't have the right nozzles, the right pressure, or a proper surface cleaner to make the job quick and efficient.  For example, a concrete driveway that might take you 3 or 4 hours to clean with a typical homeowner power washer can be cleaned with a professional surface cleaner in an hour.  Not too mention that you'll need to store that power washer for the one or two times a year you might actually use it.

Why Hire Viking Softwash Team For Your Concrete Cleaning Project?

When you choose Viking Softwash to complete your concrete power washing project you're partnering with a small, local, family-owned company.  We are licensed and insured.  We are the true power washing professionals in your area.  We maintain state-of-the-art professional grade equipment (this isn't stuff you could buy at the local home depot!).

If you are looking for a pressure washing service in Mount Vernon who can safely clean your concrete surfaces then please call 360-899-6542 or fill out the contact form and we'll setup an appropriate time to complete your project.

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